My Number 2

Posted in Uncategorized on February 14, 2011 by Tim and Lindsey

I promise never to put you first.

I promise never to love you the most.

I promise you will be second after Him.

I promise I will love you more than you can imagine by first loving Him.

I promise to pursue you every tomorrow more than I did every yesterday.

You are my wife and my best friend, but I don’t love you more than anything.  I love you as much as Christ wants me to.






The “Emergency”

Posted in Lightening on January 17, 2010 by Tim and Lindsey

My wife knows my work schedule. She knows that while I am very busy during working hours I will return her call at my earliest convenience. We have also established an emergency signal. If she calls and the topic of discussion can wait, she will simply leave a voicemail. If there is an emergency she will let the call ring all the way through to voicemail, hang up, and call me right back. Once I feel the vibration of the immediate callback I drop everything and take the call. This process has been utilized successfully throughout my career. Twice due to extended family medical issues, and once when my oldest son cracked my youngest over the head with a putter. If you have read any earlier posts you know my youngest has head issues.

Last week I received the emergency signal. I was in the middle of meeting when I received the immediate callback signifying an emergency of some importance was taking place in the Pell Family. Immediately my heart began to race. My first thought was Jack, our youngest, had gotten his large head stuck somewhere. I calmly collected myself, excused myself from my meeting, and whispered “Is everything alright?”

My lovely wife’s sweet voice replied, “Yes, everything is fine.”

I know my wife very well. I could tell there was a hidden sadness behind those words. “What’s wrong Babe?”

There was a slight hesitation after I asked those words which gave my mind another split second to visualize all the places where Jack’s large head could fit into but not back out of.

My wife collected herself, then emphatically stated, “I can’t get the DVR to work!!! We are missing AMERICAN IDOL!!!”

The sad reality of this story is there was a real emergency on our hands. You see, we have dealt with Jack’s cranium problems his entire life, but we have never missed an episode of American Idol.

Morse Code

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All couples need Morse Code. This code is used in a variety of situations. The most important use of “The Code” is when you need to leave an awkward party, gathering, or “couple date”. All of you know what I am talking about and the next time you are hanging out with new couple friends look for the signs. Unfortunately, they are rather obvious due to a lack of discipline in practicing and refining this art. Rookie couples often have not practiced their signs leading to more awkward situations. I’ll be honest ladies, usually you are the ones to blame. Let me illustrate with a fictitious couple, Chet McMasterson and Sabrina LaFleuer.

Chet and Sabrina have been dating for over a year. They just joined a small group through their church and are on their first “couple date” with a married couple from their small group. Both Chet and Sabrina are extremely excited about a dinner invite they received from this couple. Chet and Sabrina go to dinner without first establishing “The Code”. This is much like going to war without bullets, or invading a country who does not have WMDs. It is just not a well thought out plan.

Half way through dinner Chet realizes he has nothing in common with the married couple. Sabrina also knows this, but due to some genetic pre-disposition, unknown to us men, is unable to turn that reality into action, simply thank the couple for a nice dinner and “Get the hell out of Dodge.” Instead Chet is forced to listen to the husband give a surprisingly convincing argument about why he chooses Penzoil over Quakerstate and how Duct tape actually got its name.

Here is where the lack of establishing “The Code” makes the situation more awkward. Chet begins nonchalantly raising his eyebrows at Sabrina as if to say “I want to go the eff home.” Sabrina thinks this is Chet’s cute way of saying he loves her and returns the favor by raising her eyebrows. Chet then cunningly squeezes Sabrina’s leg. Sabrina shouts out, “Chet, why are you squeezing my leg so hard?” Cover is blown folks. The Penzoil renob stops in the middle of his passionate discussion about the negative impacts global warming has had on the Brazilian soil and an awkward silence fills the room. Feelings are now hurt and a perfectly good evening is wasted. All because Chet and Sabrina did not take on the proper level of responsibility in establishing “The Code.”

Oh my darlin’ Clementine

Posted in Thunder's Thoughts on December 16, 2009 by Tim and Lindsey

Meet our English Bulldog, Clementine.

Scary Ornament

Posted in Thunder's Thoughts on December 10, 2009 by Tim and Lindsey

The joy of Christmas is alive and well. I love creating new traditions with Lightening and the Bolts. The great thing about being married to Lightening is the memories we will be creating as a family. Lightening has given me so much to be thankful for, but as we were decorating the tree, Lightening pulled out some of the ornaments from her childhood. When I first saw this ornament I screamed out, “What the hell is that?” Lightening started to laugh, she is so cute when she laughs. But seriously, what the hell is this ornament? Here, see for yourself:

This scary ass ornament looks like it found out it had herpes of the mouth then set itself on fire. I’m afraid the rest of the ornaments on the tree are going to catch a disease from this thing. Merry Christmas.

Edward and Bella go to McDonald’s

Posted in Thunder's Thoughts on December 7, 2009 by Tim and Lindsey

For those of you who can’t get enough of the Twilight Saga, I thought it would be kind to continue the story line until the next movie.   For those of you who have not seen New Moon, I will give you just a little background.  Edward loves Bella so deeply that a ghost of Edward appears to Bella if she is in danger and whispers very heartfelt utterances to his one true love Bella.  Let me just say, I really studied the magnificent dialogue between these two glorious actors.  Hope you enjoy.

Edward:  My…love…is…deep…my….heart…

Bella:  You…love…deep…live…I’m…older…love…

Edward:  I must leave, you will forget about me.  I left, but then the second time I came back because of my love, but my love can’t be kept away from you.  I would never leave a fourth time, but if you added up the love I had for you the third time I left, plus the second time I came back, and the first time altogether…When you breathe, and your breath makes me love…It also has to be about job creation?

Bella:  You…hurt…please…love…Full…sentences…are…too…much

Two weeks pass, and Bella can’t get over the fact Edward is gone.  She has turned to adrenaline laced activities and putting herself in harms way, because then she can see Edward’s ghost which keeps their love alive.  After a day of cliff diving, Bella is hungry and thinks nothing of a quick trip to McDonald’s.

Bella:  Eat…I…quarter-pounder…cheese…drink…fry…

Ghost Edward:  Bella, don’t.  You don’t want to do this.

Bella keeps ordering to continue seeing a vision of her one true love.

Ghost Edward:  Bella, stop.

Bella orders a milkshake.

Ghost Edward:  Dammit woman, I’m serious.  I’m not going to turn some fat ass into a vampire.  You must be straight out your mind.

Celebrity Letters to Santa

Posted in Celebrity Letters to Santa on December 2, 2009 by Tim and Lindsey

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is orthodontic mouth reduction. The majority of people find me extremely good-looking and I have made a fortune off my acting. To top it off, they think my smile is my calling card. Little do they know I fear my smile. You see Santa, I have the world’s biggest mouth. No , seriously, I was concerned so much about the size of my mouth I called up Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Guinness Book of World Records. Unfortunately, they both confirmed my fears. The size of my mouth measured larger than any other human. The runner-up was a double-headed Slovakian woman and they counted both of her mouths in the measurement. My fears turned into reality when I was posing for a family picture last month and I almost swallowed my own head. Please help my Christmas wish come true. Thanks Santa.


Julia Roberts